Our vision is to help create a better future for people and the planet by investing in founders who are making waves with innovative solutions to social and environmental challenges, and harnessing the power of partnerships.

When we invest in you and your team, we offer our expertise, experience and networks, as well as funding.

We are focused on social as well as financial goals, so if you are developing innovative solutions with a positive impact that can scale up nationally and globally, get in touch.

Our Funds

We want to back ambitious teams that are developing new products, services and business models.

Whether you are a social enterprise, a start-up, or scale up, we are interested in working with you to help you grow.

Our Current Funds


North East Social Investment Fund

For Social Enterprises and charitable organisations we can invest from £100k to £1m to grow your capacity and social impact


North East Innovation Fund

For North East businesses with innovative scalable ideas we can invest up to £500,000

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Our Team

We have the expertise you’ll need at every stage of the journey, with a team experienced in finance, investments, social enterprises, startups, and global businesses. We also pride ourselves on being open, approachable, respectful and helpful.