Social Investment Fund

In today’s challenging landscape, Social Investment offers a real opportunity for social enterprises and charitable organisations to gain funding for long term capacity building and to increase their social impact.

The North East Social Investment Fund supports organisations across the North East of England by providing affordable finance, with investments from £100,000 to £1,000,000 that can be used for a range of purposes including operational costs, working capital, asset purchases, or a combination.

It is important to us that taking on investment enables you to improve or scale your social impact, without putting a strain on your organisation. Our experienced team members also offer their expertise and guidance, from developing plans to new income streams, ensuring that you are supported along the investment journey, as one of our valued investees.

Where necessary, to deliver an appropriate funding package to organisations, we can offer grant fundings alongside social investment to assist organisations in growing their social impact. 

We are an Access Point for Reach grant funding which offers grants of up to £15,000 to organisations to obtain targeted support in their application for social investment. 

 Please speak to Naomi or one of our other team members to find out more.   


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Companies who’ve been helped by this fund include: