Seeking solutions to build a better tomorrow

Seeking solutions to build a better tomorrow

Sharon McKee

Jun 12 2022

The month of June includes a focus on some of the issues facing the planet, with World Environment Day, World Oceans Day, World Day to Combat Desertification; and International Day of the Tropics.

At Northstar Ventures, where we are focused on building a better tomorrow for our planet and people, we look to invest in innovative solutions that will help solve the issues we face today.

We recently invested in Sphera, a company helping the construction sector build a net-zero world. By recycling what most deem unrecyclable, Sphera has created a carbon negative aggregate for concrete. Their building materials are tackling the colossal carbon footprint of traditional concrete, which makes up 8% of global carbon emissions. Sphera’s products provide a solution for construction professionals aiming to reduce their environmental impact.

Dr Natasha Boulding, Sphera CEO & Co-founder says, “Our vision is to be at the global forefront of low-carbon and environmentally friendly material innovation for the built environment. We pride ourselves on our ability to innovate with purpose, our open-mindedness to new ideas and ways of thinking, our collaborative nature, and our ongoing positive impact on the environment. It’s never been more important than it is today to really make sure that we are creating a sustainable future.”

Another of our portfolio, Advanced Electric Machines (AEM), a spin out from Newcastle University, aims to design and build the most sustainable electric motors on the planet. AEM is now an internationally recognised designer and manufacturer of electric motors and powertrain systems, with customers all over the world.

Dr James Widmer, CEO of AEM said, “Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. Electrification is key to addressing climate change only if the technologies developed are more sustainable to manufacture, use and recycle than those they replace.

“We utilise our partnerships and expertise in materials, manufacturing and design to ensure every product we develop delivers a more cost effective, higher performing and greener solution for all our customers.

“As a result, our advanced electric motors are the most sustainable in the world, while delivering world record holding efficiency and market leading power densities.
We will build on this success to date to bring greener power to every part of the world.”

Natasha Boulding, CEO, Sphera

As a responsible investor we’re passionate about supporting ambitious teams with clean tech solutions that will help solve societal challenges and tackle climate change. If this sounds like you get in touch for an initial chat.



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Seeking solutions to build a better tomorrow