Leading British deep-tech startup Nanovery announces new patent

Leading British deep-tech startup Nanovery announces new patent

Hekla Goodman

Sep 22 2023

Nanovery Granted a Patent for its Revolutionary DNA Nanorobot Platform to Deliver Simple Diagnostic Tests for Diseases and Advance Drug Development

Leading British deep-tech startup Nanovery has achieved a significant advance, with the grant of the first patent in the UK for its unique DNA nanorobot platform. This disruptive technology simplifies the detection of essential markers of diseases such as cancer and could accelerate the development of novel medications, including RNA therapeutics. Following recent breakthroughs that have optimised the test, the company is in talks with several potential partners to deliver pilot studies aimed at demonstrating its efficacy for multiple applications.

Nanovery’s CEO, Dr Mark Chadwick, commented: ‘This is a momentous achievement for Nanovery and paves the way for substantial collaborations with key partners. It’s fantastic to lead such an innovative organisation, with the potential to deliver significant advances in human healthcare.’


Dr Jurek Kozyra, Co-founder of Nanovery, commented: ‘I started Nanovery with a vision to deliver a new diagnostic test that could provide vital information, whilst being incredibly easy to operate. It’s fantastic to see the potential of DNA nanotechnology being realised, and with this huge milestone for the company, we are getting closer to fulfilling our mission.’


Dr Alex Buchan, Investment Director at Northstar Ventures, commented: ‘We are delighted to see the progress that Nanovery has made since the latest investment round. Achieving this patent being a critical step in the process to ensure successful pilots and partnerships ahead.’


Notes To Editors

About Nanovery

Nanovery is a UK-based biotechnology company at the forefront of developing groundbreaking tools for scientists and clinicians to improve human health. Their nanorobot platform, constructed entirely from synthetic DNA and operating at the nanoscale, blends chemistry with molecular computing. Nanovery’s nanorobots are rationally programmed to respond to specific nucleic acids, providing accurate quantification and measurable fluorescent signals.

About the technology

At the heart of Nanovery’s nanorobotic platform is synthetic DNA, a low-cost nanomaterial which can be used to build molecular machines that can perform useful tasks. These nanorobots, delivered in

liquid form, can be directly added to samples to detect and quantify specific nucleic acids in biological matrices such as cell cultures, tissue extracts, and sera. Unlike PCR-based approaches, which often struggle with higher turnaround times and costs, Nanovery’s nanorobotic platform provides faster and more cost-effective results.

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